1. The "Dai Show" Theatre Thumbnail Dalian Wanda Group
    The "Dai Show" Theatre

    The structure of the shallow peaked roof of the Dai Show Theatre is influenced by the geometry of a palm frond, folding in a manner which increases the structural rigidity and echoing the roofs of the local Dai architecture.

  2. The "Han Show" Theatre Thumbnail Dalian Wanda Group
    The "Han Show" Theatre

    The ‘Han Show’ Theatre is one of two key buildings that anchor the 1.8sqkm 'Wuhan Central Cultural District' development. The ‘Han Show’ Theatre will house a new show by director Franco Dragone.

  3. Wuhan Movie Park Thumbnail Dalian Wanda Group
    Wuhan Movie Park

    The Wuhan Movie Theme Park will contain six state of the art multi-dimension movie rides ranging from simple 3d to actor and scenery enhanced 6d experiences.

  4. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert Thumbnail BBC
    The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert

    Music stars from rock, pop, classical music and musical theatre will perform at The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert at the Queen Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace on Monday 4th June.

  5. Expo 2012, Yeosu, South Korea Thumbnail "Big-O"
    Expo 2012, Yeosu, South Korea

    The Big-O is a unique concept created by ECA2. The 45m tall sculpture combines expressive architecture and multimedia show design.

  6. 360°  Thumbnail U2

    The U2 360º superstructure spanned the barrier between the audience and the band. The superstructure lifted the show technology high into the air, leaving the band naked on the stage.

  7.  Opening Ceremony Thumbnail The Beijing Olympics 2008
    Opening Ceremony

    The Dream Sphere was built for the finale of the OPening Ceremony artistic presentation. The 18m sphere formed an armature for a dramatic performance by 60 acrobats who ran, leaped and summersaulted around its latitudinal rings.

  8. The KÀ theatre Thumbnail CIRQUE DU SOLEIL
    The KÀ theatre

    The KÀ Theatre at the MGM Grand was specially built to contain the show produced by Cirque du Soleil and created by Robert Lepage. The show, the theatre, the set and the action, all form a single architectural experience.

  9. The Golden Atrium Thumbnail Wynn Macau
    The Golden Atrium

    The iris in the ceiling of the Golden Atrium is decorated with the Chinese zodiac. The copper dome in the centre of the atrium floor opens to reveal the ‘Tree of Prosperity’ - an oak tree with 70,000 golden leaves.

  10. A Bigger Bang  Thumbnail The Rolling Stones
    A Bigger Bang

    400 members of the audience viewed the show from behind the band in opera boxes built into two tiers of balconies that formed the back wall to the stage.

  11. Opening Ceremony Thumbnail The Asian Games 2010
    Opening Ceremony

    The Opening and Closing Ceremonies were staged in a specially constructed stadium in the Pearl River. The stadium featured a wet/dry stage shaped like a ship.

  12. Fantastic World  Thumbnail Universal Studio Japan
    Fantastic World

    The Lotus Flowers in the “Fantastic World” Show at Universal Studios Japan are kinetic mobile multimedia architectural structures designed for daily shows telling a story of discovery.

  13. THE SPIRIT OF THE UNION Thumbnail Abu Dhabi 2011

    Placed in the centre of an 8 pointed Islamic star shaped stage, the arched tower rises 40 meters into the air and becomes the focal point of a multimedia spectacular.